The aim of the project in the organizational aspect is to create a permanent, annual international series of lectures entitled “Philosophy and Literature. The Cracow Lectures”.
The aim of the project in the essential aspect is to create a space for the meeting of the lovers of philosophy and literature, in which will be widely discussed an issue of the interaction between philosophy and literature.
The project is an interdisciplinary and international. Invited lecturers, from Poland and foreign, will represent two areas of culture: philosophy and literature. And, in addition to philosophers and scholars, there will also be invited writers, poets and playwrights. Speakers will present the highest scientific and artistic level.
The beginning of the first cycle of lectures is planned for 2014. The lectures will be delivered, on average, every three months throughout the calendar year. Every year there are provided four presentations made by one invited guest.
Lectures will be held at Małopolska Garden of Arts in Cracow, they will be open to the public, and participation in them will be free of charge.